The Search For An AI Automated Slide Deck Tool

Jul 4, 2024
  • Problem is that I had the framework for a deck, outline and bullet points, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time making it beautiful
  • I want AI generated images AND Smart Art graphs and charts
  • 167 Slides
  • Tried MS Co-Pilot, Ran into issues taking my existing deck and doing something with it
  • Even signed up for a Sharepoint account thinking that would fix it
As a solopreneur putting together a course with 167 slides, I understand the importance of having visually appealing slides for my students. However, creating a beautiful slide deck can be time-consuming, especially when you already have the framework and bullet points ready. You might be wondering, just like I did, if there's a way to automate the process and save some precious time.
Here's my journey of searching for an AI automated slide deck tool.
My first problem was having the framework for a deck but not wanting to spend a lot of time making it aesthetically pleasing. I wanted a tool that could generate images and Smart Art graphs and charts for me, so I could focus on the content and not the design.
I initially tried MS Co-Pilot, hoping it would take my existing deck and enhance it. Unfortunately, I ran into several issues with this tool. It was not as user-friendly as I had hoped, and I struggled to navigate its features.
In an attempt to resolve the issues with MS Co-Pilot, I even signed up for a SharePoint account, thinking it might provide a solution. Regrettably, this was not the case.
My search for an AI automated slide deck tool continues. I'll keep you updated on my progress and any useful tools I discover along the way. As a solopreneur, every minute counts, and finding efficient ways to create engaging content for my students is always a top priority.