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Presentations and Mentions

Here is a list of some of my presentations and mentions.

Webinar: To Phish Or Not To Phish

Tribe of Hackers Blue Team

BSides Knoxville Conference Keynote - 2020

The Neuroscience Of Hackers

SC Media Interview – Identifying A True Cloud SIEM

Techno Forensics 2019: Common Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Archive Description Link: https://cc.thinkst.com/talk/view/67543/

PDF of Event Guide: http://www.technosecurity.us/ca/__media/PDFs/Event-Guide—TSCA19.pdf

BSides SF: Federating the AWS CLI At Pinterest

Before AWS was a “thing” and waay before AWS and SSO was as “simple” as it is today… Pinterest wanted to figure out how we can do SSO via the CLI in AWS. I put together an app in Python that used Shibboleth, LDAP, and Boto to get it working.

Common Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Prevent Them @ Sam Bowne’s Class

Pacific Hackers Conference 2019 – Applying Pareto’s Principle to Securing AWS with SCPs

RSA 2020 – Absolute Interview – Protecting Remote Employees


I came up with the idea for this book before the podcast. I've always wanted to write a book, but didn't know what subject to do so.

Then it came to me! I get asked all the time how to get into IT and security, and always happy to offer advice... so writing a book on the topic would make so much sense!

I did my research on how to write a book and even took a Malcolm Gladwell class on Masterclass to help in storytelling. The information flowed so fast out of my fingertips, because I've said it so many times before.

I wrote it in such a way as if you were starting from scratch. It's methodical and you even have homework to do in each chapter.

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I started this podcast because from my experience and observations there was no ONE way into the field. It's hardly linear. So why not interview folks who have entered the field, either recently or veterans, and see how they got it.

The goal is for your to be educated and inspired so you can carve your
own path.

I've come to discover a lot about myself, those in the field, and everyone out there looking to get in.

Here is a link to my podcast.

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Cloud Security Labs is a boutique security advisory firm focused on companies looking to take security seriously. We work with security-minded CTOs and Founders to help establish their Information Security Program and take it to the next level. We alleviate you of the security burden, so you can focus on what you do best: building great things. From a technology perspective, we specialize in AWS Security, and Security Architecture/Operations (SIEMs, Endpoint Security, etc).

Here is a link to my website.

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With over 20 years of experience under my belt, I have helped organizations of all sizes strategically plan, build, and implement processes and solutions to increase their security. I believe in maintaining the highest ethical standards, which is why I choose not to take part in the resale of security products.

I believe that when more and more companies improve their security posture, society is better off in the end.

On personal note I'm a huge coffee aficionado, love outdoor sports, and really into neuroscience, psychology, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

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Tools I Use

I get asked a lot what my preferences for coffee are. I love sharing what I've learning, and I'm still learning. Here's what I do so far:

Where I Buy Beans From:

Blue Bottle Coffee
Sightglass Roasters
Ritual Roasters

I like my beans roasted light so I can focus on the coffee and not the bean.

Current Equipment:
V60 Brewer
Chemex Brewer