Reflections On Being Productive

Today's reflections on productivity. Valuable lessons learned and the concept of time. Plus, personal connections and inspiration.

May 2, 2024
Today was a productive day. Even though it feels like not “much” was done, I think it was immensely valuable for me personally.
Here is an overview:
  • Did some pushups to failure this morning. I wanted to set the tone for the day and do that hard thing
  • Had some new coffee today. Anerobic and fermented. Interesting.
  • Edited a Getting Into Infosec podcast episode and got it ready for publishing!! Really pushed through the times where I would have quit.
  • Ate an amazing lunch
  • Had some 1:1 calls with folks, here are the lessons learned:
    • Encouraged someone to just go with an MVP version of a product she built
    • Confirmed there is some corruption in the audit world with people being paid off and outright lie!
    • Learned that ADHD people are more self-aware and emotionally intelligent! 🤯
    • Added someone new to my “Board of Advisors”
    • Shared bullet as a solution for someone’s website issues (referral link)
    • Shared my updated schedule experiment (No meetings on T & Th so I can do some deep work)
    • Shared some lectures on meditation that I found useful
    • Discussed meditation in the last 3rd of the night as a Mastermind with the Universe
    • Learned about Stu McLaren, the membership expert
    • Discussed the guilt of not grinding 24/7 and that’s it’s OK to allow yourself to rest. Then compared with the philosophies of the Spanish, Italians, and Middle East where it’s more of a relaxed attitude. Things are not in a rush to get done, but they always seem to get done somehow. Reflected on our relation with time and who really is in control of things. Laziness might be tied to a capitalist concept.
  • Watered my younglings, they were withering!
  • Got some Vitamin D in today
  • Had a conversation with an old friend and my Dad
  • Got to connect with the kids
  • Was inspired to published this blog post
Overall it’s been a busy week. Due to time constraints (how ironic) I can’t go deep on some of these topics, but that just leaves room for another blog post!