Feb 6, 2024

Cybersecurity For Startups: Zero To Hero In 90 Days

A definitive guide to creating, establishing, and growing your cybersecurity program at ANY size SaaS startup.
Whether you are a small shop or a high growth B2B startup, this class will teach you how to prioritize your security decisions so as not to impact your growth and business goals.
This course is geared for those ultimately responsible for security at your organization, whether you are the founder, CXO, or VP of Engineering.

How To Be A vCISO

I get a lot of questions on how to become or transition to becoming a Fractional CISO (aka vCISO). So I decided to take all my learnings from the past 5+ years as a full-time vCISO and solopreneur into a full course. It’s everything I know! Take a look!

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