Recommended Books, Podcasts, and More

Curated list of books, podcasts, and resources that have helped me along my journey

Jul 4, 2024


Reading books is one of the earliest methods of gaining knowledge.

Measure What Matters

OKR’s are what many startups use to track their progress and they will expect us to help them with security OKR’s.

The Boutique

Excellent summary of what makes a professional services firm valuable.

Getting Acquired

Great book written by the founder of detailing his journey on building apps. It goes through the emotions involved in building a business.

Lean Product Playbook

Many times we’re solution oriented, but in order to have successful products, we need to understand the PROBLEM first. We need to solve problems customers actually have and more importantly, that they will pay for.

The Obstacle Is The Way

Excellent book to help through ANY situation.

Design Your Life

A foundational book that I think everyone should read at any stage of their life. Great for your personal and career goals.

The 12 Week Year

Great book to hellp



The Business Of Authority

Excellent podcast on the mechanics and struggle of running an authority business

Akimbo Podcast

Excellent rants by the venerable Seth Godin, always inspires my creative mode!

The Art Of Manliness

  • Tips for all genders
  • Latest listen:
    • Podcast #991: Embracing the Strive State

Ditching Hourly Podcast

The essential podcast that taught me the mindset of moving away from hourly billing! Start from the beginning!

Youtube Channels


The Art of Improvement

Excellent self-help channel that will guarantee to improve your productive or outlook on life.


Excellent videos made by the founder of Slidebean on startup life and it’s various stages.

Rian Doris

Excellent noBS channel that will help you increase your productivity. This is important when you go out on your own and have to make your own schedule. The more you know about your brain, the more empowered you will be.