Security Leadership

Mar 18, 2024

Program Management

  • Worked with CFO’s, COO’s, VPE’s, GC’s, and Founders to take their security programs from zero to hero.
  • Directly and indirectly led the management and growth of security programs at startups of all sizes, from pre-series A to late stage, helping them either establish their programs from 0 to 1, or level up existing programs to the next level.
  • Forward thinking and integrated approach towards building security culture at startups.

Security Roadmaps and Budgets

  • Create security roadmaps, budgets, and propose appropriate security org charts for clients
  • Function as Incident Response (IR) Lead and manage end-end Incident Response for multiple types of incidents (Supply chain, Insider Threat, CVSS 10.0 vulnerabilities, etc)
  • Manage Bug Bounty programs including contract negotiation, policy updates, bug triage and review, and bounty assessment
  • Create, customize, and deploy security awareness programs and all-hands presentations on security

Risk Assessments and Compliance

  • Conduct Enterprise Risk Assessments and SOC2 Pre-Assessments
  • Create internal security requirements, best practices, and guidelines for engineering and product teams to implement and follow
  • Work with sales teams and interact with potential/existing clients and their security teams to provide assurance of existing security controls or discuss any gaps discovered
  • Managed and helped grow security teams of architects, engineers, and analysts.
  • Conduct security architecture reviews for product pre and post deployment

Hiring and Talent Acquisition

  • Prepare and present quarterly executive briefings on the state of cybersecurity internally and externally
  • Create Zero-Trust Roadmaps for CISO’s and work with IT and Engineering coordinating implementation
  • Implement security improvements at companies where possible
  • Fully support clients hire CISO’s and Security Engineers/Analysts



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