Become a vCISO - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Training Course

Join our comprehensive training program designed specifically for security practitioners with at least 7 years of experience in Information Security. This course is perfect for those looking to broaden their scope of experience and step into the entrepreneurial world, offering flexibility in income and work-life balance.

What will you learn?

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a vCISO. You will be trained to function in various capacities such as a Security Leader, Compliance Manager, Incident Manager, and Security Engineer/Analyst.
We emphasize that you are being hired for your security and leadership experience in some capacity. If you have never been a CISO before, don't worry! We will guide you on how to leverage your existing skills and fill the gaps.

Course Outline

  • What is a vCISO?: Get a comprehensive understanding of the role and expectations.
  • Business Fundamentals: Learn how to start your business, protect your intellectual property, understand the difference between a solopreneur and entrepreneur, and more.
  • Sales & Marketing: Deelop your thought leadership and understand proposal writing to generate business.
  • vCISO Service Design: Understand the different models for vCISO services, including hourly/task-based and retainer models.
  • Operating your vCISO business: Learn how to manage your workload and avoid common pitfalls.

Why Choose This Course?

Our course is designed by industry veterans with years of experience in the field. The comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of starting and running a successful vCISO business.
We not only teach you the technical aspects of the job but also the business and marketing strategies you need to succeed. We emphasize the importance of picking a focus area, being open to learning, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Join us now!

Step into the future of cybersecurity leadership and become a vCISO today. Sign up for our comprehensive training course and start your journey towards entrepreneurial success in the field of Information Security.